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A Little Shopping Therapy

June 11, 2012 Posted By Maui Penthouse Comments Off on A Little Shopping Therapy


Though famous for its scenery, climate and cerulean blue sea, Maui harbors another little gem—shopping. Some of the best browsing comes in the form of walking up and down the streets of towns like Makawao, Pa‘ia, Kihei and Lahaina. Not only do you get to soak up the sunshine between stops, but you also get Read More

Bike Down a Volcano

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About the only thing that tops the view from the summit of Maui’s 10,000-foot volcano is coasting down its slopes on a bicycle. No, you don’t have to power your way up the mountain for the thrill of coasting down. Bicycle tour companies do the hard work for you, picking you up in the pre-dawn Read More

Sample Some Local Food

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“So ono” or “broke da mouth” is what locals say when they eat delicious, or onolicious, grinds (good food, in Hawaiian Pidgin). While on Maui, try some of these simple, affordable grinds such as plate lunches and poke (said “poh-keh”) for a meal that travels well and is an authentic taste of the Islands. The Read More

Try Kayaking

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Ocean kayaking is a great way to slip away from the crowd and get lost in the rhythm of the paddle and the irresistible tug of nature. If you need any more incentive, here it is—paddling is a good workout. Open-ocean paddling can be a strenuous challenge better left to the experienced, physically fit kayaker. Read More